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Double Take

by Vi Parsons and Violet Moore

Identical twins recount their childhood stories

in Chowchilla, California  

Vi Parsons and Violet Moore, the Carr Twins, reminisce about their childhood, recounting similar memories of growing up in the agricultural San Joaquin Valley. These stories from a shared birth in an Arizona tent camp to a shared wedding gown in Chowchilla, California, are told in the simplicity that surrounded them for two decades.

"These stories reveal a small part of everyday life growing up in the 1940s and 1950s.
Those days have faded away, but the memories live on."  - Vi Parsons


"Combining our childhood memories reminds me that our lives were so entwined, it was like looking in the mirror every waking moment." - Violet Moore


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Carr Twins & Co. was established in 2006. Violet Moore and Vi Parsons, have been around much, much longer as you'll see from the photo page. Mentors from young adulthood, they continue to coach others through genealogy workshops, inspirational and devotional sessions, and self-publishing guidance. 


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